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  Just some of the packages we offer  
  Weight Loss Package
A 12 week package comprising 24 x 1 hour sessions and incorporating nutritional analysis and guidance designed to ensure results.
12 weeks
24 x 1 hour sessions
Weigh in every 4 weeks
Training sessions and nutritional guidance

Muscle Gain
A 12 week’ muscle- up’ programme designed to help you pack on some lean muscle which, in turn, will assist with fat loss.
12 weeks
24 x 1 hour sessions
Measurement session every 6 weeks
Training sessions and nutritional guidance

This 8 week pre wedding or holiday package is designed to get you into shape and energise you . It comprises an exercise schedule together nutritional advice and can be for one or two people.
8 weeks
16 x 1 hour sessions
Measurements every -4 weeks
Training sessions and nutritional guidance
For one or two people

Post Pregnancy
A gentle but progressive training programme designed to get you back into shape after giving birth.
12 weeks
12 x 1 hour session
Before and after measurements
Training sessions and nutritional guidance

  1 month Body Blitz
A month long training programme designed for maximum impact in the shortest time. A strict training regime and nutrition programme to help you get your body back on
the ‘straight and narrow. ‘
Full body MOT
12 x 1 hour sessions
Training sessions and nutritional guidance
End consultation

Get started
If you are new to exercise or haven’t done it in a while, this gentle approach to personal training
may be the one for you. A free initial consultation followed by a 4 week course comprising 4
x 1 hour sessions.
4 week course
1 free consultation
4 x 1 hour sessions
Exercise Programme

  Sports Specific
A tailored training programme and nutritional advice designed to help you get ahead of your game. Whether you are a golfer, tennis player, martial
artist or runner, you will benefit from this course.
6 week course
12 x 1 hour sessions

Injury Rehab
A 10 week corrective exercise and stretching programme tailored to maximize recovery from an injury
Training programme and advice for other days to do on your own
10 x 1 hour sessions per week

  Buddy Training
If you need a bit of moral support or you have a friend who has the same physical aspirations as you, this could be for you.
6 weeks
12 x 1 hour session
2-1 training
Couples or Friends
Training sessions and nutritional guidance

Lifestyle & Fitness Assessment
A ‘One to One’ confidential consultation that encompasses key body measurements and blood pressure. All of these results are then measured against medically verified scales in order for the client to understand how they fare against norm groups. This is followed by a professionally led discussion surrounding key aspects of the individuals’ lifestyle which allows the practitioner to make observations and feedback important information to the individual that will often lead to improvements in aspects of their health.
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