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  Individual and team coaching
Most of my clients are individuals but I also have a number of husband and wife teams and I am the team fitness coach for Kings Stanley FC.

Exercise, diet and fitness tuition
Exercise and diet are an essential combination if you want to get results. Dieting alone will no doubt result in losing weight but it will inevitably return when you stop dieting. This is because when you lose weight, you also lose muscle mass unless you exercise to maintain and increase muscle density.

Combining a regular exercise regime with a balanced and controlled diet will ensure that the weight you lose will be from a reduction in body fat percentage. A good personal trainer will ensure that you perform exercises correctly, that is to say safely and to maximum effect. When performing exercises, form is all important.

Bespoke programmes
Everybody has different requirements from an exercise programme. Some people may want to ‘lose weight and get fit’ whilst another may want to gain muscle or increase flexibility. With personal training it is never a case of ‘one size fits all.’ That is why I take the time to sit down with you in order to fully understand your requirements and agree a realistic time frame. That way you can be sure your programme is designed for you and you alone.

Strength and endurance training
Let's imagine that you are already ‘fit.’ You might even be an athlete or a key player in a particular sport and you want to improve your chances of winning. This is where a programme that includes particular types of exercises primarily targeting either ‘fast twitch’ or slow twitch’ muscles, depending on the type of performance you need to improve, will provide the right results.

Body sculpting.
Many people, and women in particular, do not want to end up looking like ‘Arnie’ but would like to see a little more definition in their muscles. A combination of high intensity interval training (HIIT) to burn of that layer of fat and weight training to improve muscle size and density will help you achieve your goals.

Posture improvement
So many people suffer from poor posture or worse, from back problems caused by or exacerbated by poor posture. In many cases this is a direct result of inadequate core stability. By ‘core’ we mean the girdle of muscles that surround your waist. These include the abdominals in the front, obliques at the sides and spinae erectus muscles that surround the lower spine. A programme that includes core stability or core development exercises will, in many cases, bring about a real improvement in posture and can even be a cure for many people who suffer from backache.

Weight loss, muscle gain
As I explained previously, the term ‘weight loss’ can be misleading as what most people really want to achieve is a reduction in body fat. This is most effectively achieved by a combination of cardio-vascular exercise to burn fat and body weight, or weight training, to improve muscle density. It is muscle and not fat that burns calories which is why diets (any diets) are ineffective in the long term. The right combination of the right types of exercise will ensure the right results.

Sport specific training
Perhaps you are a golfer, a tennis player or a swimmer. Maybe you want to be in top form for your forthcoming skiing holiday. Even if you are a top class athlete you can always improve your game through a carefully crafted regime of sports- specific exercise and diet. I have worked with footballers, martial artists, skiers, tennis players and other, all with positive results.

Post pregnancy conditioning
One thing that many new mums have in common is that they would like to get their figures back. The process of child birth takes a huge toll on the female body and many mums resign themselves, even from the very earliest stages of pregnancy, to a ‘heavier’ and rounder body. In most cases this does not need to be so and there are many things we can do in order to regain a trim figure. There is nothing more attractive than a healthy and fit looking mum and she is far better placed to meet the demands that a new child will place upon her.

A healthy lifestyle with a clean, healthy diet helps to improve and maintain your Body Mass Index (BMI).
You can calculate your body mass index using this nifty calculator found on the official BMI private hospitals in London site.

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